What Royce’s Coaching did for me...


Royce, I want to thank you for your help during a very important time in my life.  Your presence during my transition into launching my own full-on career as an entrepreneur after my divorce was instrumental.  I was going into this new venture somewhat blindly from a business stand point.  Having you at my side, asking all the right questions was hugely informative.  It's been a few years now and I've gone from doing house calls and seeing clients in my living room to having a brick and mortar at a busy downtown location.  We remodeled last year, doubling in size and are looking again for more ways to expand!  

Grateful for your help in laying the foundation,

Leah Gillman

Barefoot Entrepreneur of BarefootMovement.com

My session really opened my eyes to an issue that I couldn't put my finger on of how to explain or solve it. Royce had me put a face to my "saboteur", making her become a real person that I could express my disdain towards and start the process of removing this bad element from my life. The experience is one that has left me with a profound openness and release that I want to feel every day. Something I think we all want in our lives.

Thanks, Royce.

Teresa Ewers

Design and Publishing “Pwner” at gblissdesigns.com

Every client desires something different, and gets something different out of coaching. Here are a couple samples of the feedback people express after our work together.

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